Wheezy, prossimo il freeze

Come già annunciato il freeze della prossima Debian 7.0, Wheezy, era stato  programmato approssimativamente per il prossimo giugno, ora viene confermato dal Release Team, dalla mail di Cyril Brulebois ; con più precisione il freeze viene fissato nella seconda metà di giugno. Con l'esperienza passata si può supporre il rilascio della nuova versione Debian 7.0, nome in codice Wheezy, tra la fine del 2012 e l'inizio del 2013. Ora sotto a segnalare i bug per fare di Wheezy la nuova Debian stabile.
Di seguito la mail ufficiale.


Freeze planning
As you might remember, we are aiming at a freeze in June.  The exact
date has not been determined yet. However, given the large amount of
work remaining, we are now targeting a freeze in the *second half of
If there is something you really believe should be in Wheezy and you
expect that it will not be ready before we freeze, please contact us

RC Bugs
There are now over 1000 release-critical bugs and we really need your
help to fix them. The RC bug list is at [RCBUGS]. Note that in previous
releases the RC bug count has been below 500 before a freeze occurs, so
freezing with a higher number will simply make the release process

We have many planned transitions already.  However, in case you would
like to do a transition in Wheezy please file a bug against
release.debian.org now (i.e. not tomorrow)[TRANS]. Please note that this
does *not* guarantee they will be processed in time for the freeze.

After Sunday the 20th of May, any new transitions are likely not to be
processed until after the release.

[TRANS]  When filing a transition bug, please follow the guidelines in
[RCBUGS] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/other/testing.html

Thanks for your attention,